Psychic Readings and Astrology readings by phone with Radio Psychic Jeannie Wilson

Hi, I offer various types of readings; see which one YOU are drawn to. types of readings Click link for details on Psychic Readings, Astrology and Soul Readings.

 Yes, ALL of my readings are done by phone.  

 What a psychic is tapping into knows no bounds by time or space.  Simply hearing your voice allows me to "tune-in" to you and your energy.  Having done so much radio work early on in my career helped me refine and perfect my skills at tuning-in quickly regardless of how many miles separate me from the caller.  Often, before the person has finished asking their first question, a tidal wave of clairvoyant flashes will run across my minds eye.

 How do you make an appointment?  

Once you've chosen the type of psychic reading you are seeking, click on the button where you will be taken to a short form.  Let me know what time you would like to make an appointment.  Note; please have more than one time that will work for you.  Also, I typically book appointments 2 weeks in advance.  The hours that I do readings vary based upon other commitments but generally speaking I schedule appointments between the hours of 9am Mountain Time and 9pm Mountain Time.  I schedule appointments relative to my own availability, commitments and my energy level.   

The appointment form will ask for your first and last name, your e-mail address, phone number and your date of birth.  Additionally, it will ask you to submit a minimum of two choices as to when you would like to schedule your appointment.  After you click the submit button, I will try to respond within 24 hours.  If one of your desired appointment times is available, you will receive a confirmation email that will included the number you will call for your appointment (long distance charges may apply) as well as an invoice with a button you will click to make your payment.  You will not be asked to make payment until I have confirmed one of your appointment choices.  Please note your payment must be received PRIOR to the day of your appointment.  All of my appointments are scheduled to be One Hour in length.   If you have selected an Astrology Reading, I will send you a separate email requesting your exact time and place of birth.  

Additionally, I record the session and will mail you a copy at no additional charge.  I do this because I think it is useful for you to be able to review the session as we will be covering a great deal of information.  However, please note that sometimes the recordings do not always turn out...another reason why I do not charge for this service.  I generally chalk it up to too much energy flowing.  I've gone through numerous recorders and recording devices over the years and I have encountered this with all of them.

IF you are doing an astrology reading, I will e-mail you a copy of your chart FREE!    

What if something comes up and you can't make your appointment?  Sometimes the unexpected happens, right?  That's what makes life interesting.  I simply ask that you leave me a message that you will be unable to make the appointment and we will re-schedule.  Sometimes I will have something that prevents me from making an appointment as well; I too will leave you a message should the unexpected keep me from your appointment.  In the unlikely event that we can't re-schedule a suitable time, I will refund your money.  

Thanks for your interest!

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